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Modality of the Month:
The Alexander Technique

The way we use our bodies and minds in our daily activities can either be in balance and harmony with our design, or in varying degrees of imbalance. The Alexander Technique is a practical pedagogy for recovering naturalness and harmony in our thinking and movement.

The Technique has been in use for over 100 years, and helps students learn how to change faulty postural habits to improve mobility, posture, performance and alertness. It can also help with stiffness, tension, stress and chronic pain.

In Alexander lessons, a student looks at how they think about movement and how they actually move. The student also becomes more mindful of the A/O joint (where the first cervical vertebra and the skull meet) and how to move through daily life without disturbing the ease in that joint or disrupting the natural breath cycle.

Through hands-on work (chair, table, saddle, simple activities), relevant and practical anatomy instruction (Body Mapping), and learning how to think in a way that balances our doing (excitation) and non-doing (inhibitory) neural function in the brain, a student of The Alexander Technique experiences more ease in their body and movement.

Three kinds of people can benefit from Alexander lessons:

  1. Those in pain who haven’t been able to find relief in conventional medicine.
  2. Those in the performing arts, athletics, or those with fixed posture occupations (musicians, computer users, court reporters, etc.) who want to improve the Use of their instrument (body).
  3. And those who have a vague notion that it might be easier to be “in” their bodies.

Above: ALC Member and Alexander Technique teacher David Nesmith receiving a table lesson from Claudio Zancopé during his recent trip to Padua, Italy.

The Alexander Technique is not an imposition of anything new. Rather it is a process of subtraction that reveals our true selves. It’s a way to teach ourselves how to recognize when we are not using our bodies in a balanced and harmonious way, and learning new ways and habits to allow greater ease and less effort in our daily activities. Our habits are powerful, but the journey to better Use is very empowering.

If you would like to experience The Alexander Technique, please contact a practitioner through the ALC website.