We are a cooperative of independent, holistically minded practitioners, educators, artists, and service providers who believe in the enrichment of the mind, body, and soul of our community.
Collaboratively, we can provide for our community, and each other, in a way no one of us could alone.


Body Mapping


When you put your hands on your hips, what are you actually touching? If your hands are resting on your sides just below your waist, you are probably touching your iliac crest. While the iliac crest is a part of … Continue reading

The Power of Your Voice

mens chorus

~by Carisa Holmes~ You are the steward of a powerful transformational tool that is always with you everywhere you go. This tool is your own voice. Researchers have found that singing causes profound neurological, physical, emotional and psychological effects. Singing … Continue reading

Thou Shalt Be Authentic

blue green kitty

~by Carisa Holmes~ “Though shalt not steal” is one of the ten commandments of the Torah. The traditional Jewish interpretation of the text translates as “thou shalt not kidnap”, and is a stand against slavery, kidnapping and human trafficking. In … Continue reading