We are a cooperative of independent, holistically minded practitioners, educators, artists, and service providers who believe in the enrichment of the mind, body, and soul of our community.
Collaboratively, we can provide for our community, and each other, in a way no one of us could alone.


The Rites of the Munay Ki

The Rites of the Munay Ki by Carisa Holmes and Maggie Hardin Less a modality and more an initiation, the Munay Ki are a series of nine rites that prepare one to be an instrument of peace. The Rites of … Continue reading

The Art of Freedom


The Art of Freedom by Carisa Holmes What does artistic freedom feel like? While choreographed dance is certainly an enjoyable art to observe or perform, authentic and deeply personal expression can be experienced when free movement is allowed. Ecstatic Dance … Continue reading

The Healing Power of Togetherness

The Healing Power of Togetherness by Carisa Holmes and William Carpenter The statement ‘people are our greatest asset’ has become somewhat of a corporate cliché. While the concept of human capital regards people as assets on the balance sheet because … Continue reading